About Fomalhaut:


originally Arabic فم الحوت meaning “fish mouth” Alpha, Pisces of the South One of few first-magnitude stars in the south sky, valued as guide star during the age of discovery.


Established in 2008, incorporated in 2012.

Shintomi Taiyo Building 3F
2-2-13 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-0041, Japan

Warehouse a.k.a Area51:

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Minatake Kashio

Born 1974 in Bangkok, Thailand.

1997 Graduated from Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of English.

After working for domestic ministries, worked at a Canadian government agency. He covers communications, semiconductors, intellectual property, aerospace, and clean energy.

Retired in 2008. Founded Formalhout Techno Solutions to perform set Teardown and cost analysis of electronic equipment. Main focus is on mobile devices, base stations, and in-vehicle devices.

Inventor of Japanese Patent No. 4729666 for location-based information distribution technology.