Mobile/Consumer Electronics
Teardown Report & BOM

We produce teardown reports and cost statements for the latest smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other consumer electronics.

Automotive ECU
Teardown Report & BOM

We conduct teardown inspections of various automotive electrical components, including electric vehicles.

Base Station
Teardown Report & BOM

The latest Cellular base stations are ordered and Teardown for investigation.

Cloud Project 2024-2
Recruiting participating companies

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Fomalhaut Database Mobile/Consumer Electronics

More than 2,600 research reports and cost reports on everything from the latest smartphones and wearables to game consoles and drones are available online.
We deliver reports on more than 8 models every month and loan disassembled parts free of charge.

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Fomalhaut Database Automotive (Hosted by Nikkei)

The ECU research reports on electric and fuel cell vehicles such as Nissan "LEAF", Tesla "Model 3" and "Model S", Volkswagen "ID.3" and Toyota "Mirai", which were jointly produced with Nikkei Business Publications, are available online.

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