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  AVolkswagen ID-3
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  Report via Nikkei in Oct.
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Apple iPhone SE2
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Reverse engineering & BOM analysis laboratory on mobile equipments, base station and automotive applications.
All Japanese handsets since 1997 up to date are stored.

BOM estimation
IC identification
Market analysis
Private seminar
All handsets released in Japan AFTER 1997 are stored, intact and functional.
Check out our inventory database for IP purposes. Unlimited access and password at "Free Inventory Database.". You can actually see and touch the product at our warehouse - also called "Area 51" - appointment only. Offered to annual subscribers.

ZTE BladeV20Smart ZTE 8010
BladeA7S ZTEA7020
ZTE BladeA5
OnePlus 7T HD1907
Vivo Y30 1938
Realme V15 5G RMX3092
Realme Q2 5G RMX2117
Realme V3 RMX2200
OnePlus 6T A6013
Apple MacBook Pro 13 MainBoard

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech

JULY 2021

Apple iPhone History EN rev6
Google Pixel 5 CD1YQ
ZTE Blade E02 Blade A521
ZTE Blade A3 Lite
ZTE Quest5 Z3351S
Vivo iQOO Z1 V1986A
Ring VideoDoorbellPro2 5AT2S2
Samsung A42 5G SM-A426B
Oppo Band Style OB19B1
Apple iPadPro 12.9 2021 A2461
Sharp AQUOS Sense 5G SH-53A

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Article on the Nikkei Newspaper
Nikkei BP Base Station Speech in Osaka
JIEP Conference speech
Okasan Securities speech

JUNE 2021
Oneplus 8 IN2017
Honor 30S CDY-AN90
Honor Play 3 ASK-AL00x
ZTE BladeV7Lite
Samsung PM9A3 2.5 SSD
Tecno Camon15Pro CD8
Tecno Spark5Pro KD7
Tecno Camon16 CE7
Tecno SparkPower2Air LC7
Apple iPadPro 11" A2230
Market Report - Smartphones in India

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
UBS Securities - speech.

May 2021

Selected Highlight - Huawei history EN rev5
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core SM-M013F
Xiaomi Mi10Lite5G XIG01
Quanta VAIO Phone VA-10J
Lenovo ThinkPadX1Fold 20RK001DJP
Xiaomi MiSmartBand5 XMSH10HM
ZANCO tiny t2
Oukitel C21
Oneplus Nord N10 5G BE2025

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging: speech

April 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G mmW SM-G998U1
Samsung GalaxyNote20Ultra5G SC-53A
Samsung Galaxy A Quantum SM-A716S
Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A750GN
Sony XperiaXZ3 SOV39
Lenovo Z5Pro L78031
Sharp Aquos Sense4 SH-41A
Huawei Mate Xs TAH-N29m
Kyocera BASIO4 KYV47
Selected Highlight GalaxyS21 Series

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Article on the Yomiuri Newspaper

March 2021
Apple iPhone12 A2404
Samsung Galaxy S21 SM-G991N
Samsung Galaxy S21Plus SM-G996N
Samsung GalaxyS21Ultra5G SM-G998N
Panasonic Eluga U2
Microsoft Hololens2 1855
Kenwood SaiSoku MDV-M907HDL
JVC EverioR GZ-RX690
Netgear GigabitEthernetSwitch GS116PP
Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switch GS108PE

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Nikkei Seminar: Base Station
Published a book on heat treatment via Science & Technology

February 2021
Sony PlayStation3 CECH-3000B
Hisense F50 HNR550T
Vivo Y70s V2002A
Fujitsu Arrows 5G F-51A
LG Q92 LM-Q920N
Xiaomi Mi10Ultra5G M2007J1SC
Subaru EyeSight Ver3 87501FJ040
Xiaomi Redmi7A M1903C3EI
Apple iPadAir4 A2072
Apple AirPodsMax A2096
Sony Xperia10II SO-41A

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
JEITA: speech
UBS Securities: financial report

January 2021

Xiaomi Redmi10 X Pro 5G M2004J7BC
Oppo Find X2 5G PDEM10
Vivo X30 V1938CT
Xiaomi Mi10 Pro 5G M2001J1C
DJI Mavic Air2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 SM-F916N
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max mmW A2342
Sony Xperia 5II SOG02
Kyocera Torque G04 KYV46
Microsoft Xbox SeriesX 1882

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Daiwa Securities: speech
JEITA: speech
Citation on ED Times

December 2020
Fujitsu GE-PON-ONU TA06005-B704
Microsoft Surface Book2 1835
Sony Playstation5 CFI-1000A Rev3
Audi A8 DriverAssistance 4N0907107T
Comtec DriveRecorder ZDR-015
Apple iPhone 12 mmW A2172 Rev4
Apple iPhone12Pro mmW A2341 Rev5
Apple iPhone12 Mini A2398
Apple iPhone12ProMax A2410 Rev1

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Citation on Nikkei Newspaper
Citation on UAE 24x7
UBS Securities: speech
Toyobo: private seminar
Chemical Industry Association: Speech
Showa Denko: private seminar
Tanaka Precious Metals: private seminar
JEITA: private seminar

Honda EGO BrushlessMotor PCU
Mitsubishi GE-PON-ONU PR-500MI Rev2
Fujitsu ArrosBe F-04K
Fujitsu F-02L
Microsoft SurfaceGo 1824
LG V60ThinQ LM-V600AM
Sonim XP3 XP3800
Samsung GalaxyXCoverPro SM-G715U
UleFone Armor 6E
Apple Watch 6 A2376
Apple iPhone12 A2402
Apple iPhonePro A2406

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Citation on the Nikkei Asia
Citation on GSM Arena
Citation on mGSM
Citation on
Citation on Le
Citation on
Keio University: base station speech
SMBC Nikko Securities: PlayStation 5 + iPhone Speech
Article on Tokio X'Press
Article on Indeednews


Fujifilm Instax mini8+
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 1769
Huawei Enjoy Z DVC-AN00
Sharp AQUOS R5G 908SH
Sony PlayStation 1 SCPH-100
Sony PlayStation2 SCPH-39000RC
Samsung GalaxyTab S6 5G SM-T866NZ
Sonim XP8 XP8800
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G SM-N986N
Fujitsu Arrows Be4 F-41A

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Cited on the Diamond Magazine
Cited on the Nikkei Newspaper
Cited on Nomura Securities Financial Report
Cited on Bloomberg Report
Cited on Tokyo Keizai Online
Cited on Reuters
Morgan Stanley Securities: smpartphone comparative speech
SMBC Nikko Securities: base station speech
Nikkei Seminar: base station speech
JEITA: base station speech
Niigta: automotive speech

Valeo mmWaveRadar
JT PloomTech+ PT+1.0
Smart Inverter WVC-295
Oppo A5 2020 CPH1943
Samsung GalaxyFold SM-F900U
Google Pixel 4 G020I
Apple SmartKeyboardCase FT-1198B
ZANCO SmartPen
Huawei Enjoy9 DUB-AL20
Rakuten Mini C330
Samsung GalaxyNote20 5G SM-N981N

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Cited on the Nikkei Newspaper
Car Electronics Workshop: speech
Citation on JP press

Subaru PWR R Gate ECU 63350AL100
Fujifilm Fujinon XF35mmF2R WR
Huawei Mate30Pro LIO-AL00
Sony Xperia1 SOV40
Microsoft Surface Pro6 1796
Sharp Aquos Sense 3 SH-M12
Sony Xperia5 SOV41 Rev1
Apple iPadGen7 A2198
Google Pixel3xl G013D
JT PloomTech PS1
Samsung GalaxyA90 5G SM-A908N
Sony Xperia1II XQ-AT52

Article on the Nikkei Electronics Magazine
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Cited on the Nikkei Newspaper
Tokyo University: speech
Nikkei Seminar: speech

JULY 2020
Samsung Galaxy A6 2018 SM-A600P
Huawei P30 ELE-L29
Motorola MOTOTRBO XiR P3688 Transceiver
Mobvoi TicWatch S WF12066
Ambi Labs Climate 2 AC02
Xiaomi QIN1s
Sony XperiaXZ3 801SO
Huawei Nova 5T YAL-L21
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 STK-L22
Oppo Reno5G CPH1921
LG V50 ThinQ 5G V450VMB

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Semicon West 2020
SMBC Nikko Securities
UBS Securities

JUNE 2020
Sigma 30mmF1.4DC HSM conversion lens
Samsung GalaxyJ6 SM-J600G
Lexus Digital Outer Mirror 87910-33J10 and Interior Display
Oppo Reno3 5G
GalaxyS20 LTE SM-G980
Fujifilm Instax Mini Link
Paperang P2 FT-157
Paperang P1 FT-057S
Inseego MiFi 8800L
Huawei Watch GT2
Huawei Mate30

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Article on IT Media, picked up by Smart News
Citation on the Nikkei Newspaper

MAY 2020
Apple iPhoneSE2, A2296
Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR10-20 F4.5-5.6G VR
Huawei Watch, GT FTN-B19
Sharp Aquos Zero, SH-Z10
Huawei Mate 20X
Google Pixel3A XL
Intel SSD
Huawei P40 Pro 5G, ELS-NX9
Realme X50 Pro 5G, RMX2071
Mazda CX-8 Drive Computer, SH9V-18-881
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, SM-G988U
Vivo NEX3 5G, vivo1913

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Citation on the Nikkei Asian Review
Citation on the Nikkei Newspaper
Ciataion on Bloomberg

2020 APRIL
Samsung ZFlip SM-F700N
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981N
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G SM-G986N Rev1
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G SM-G988N
Sharp AQUOS Sense2 SH-01L
Sharp AQUOS R3 SH-04L
Sony Xperia8 902SO
Apple iPadPro12.9 WiFi A2229
Daihatsu Mira Es OjbectRecogCamera
Xiaomi RedmiK305G M2001G7AE

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech

2020 MARCH
Nissan Serena IntelligentParkingAssist
Oppo R17Pro PBDM00
Canon RF24-105 F4L IS USM Rev1
Huawei Mate10 BLA-L29
Xiaomi Mi9 M1902F1G
HTC 5G Hub 2Q6U200
GoPro Hero4
Sharp AquosXx3mini 603SH
Huami AmazfitStratos A1619
LG isaiV30+ LGV35

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Article on the Nikkei Manufacturing
Citation on SMBC Nikko Securities financial report

Volkswagen Passat ParkAssist Report
Mitsubishi InverterPCB INV29C-BOARD Report
Philips Hue Motion Sensor 9290012607 Report
Inspur Server NF5280M5 Report
Huawei Honor Band 4 CRS-B19 Report
Garmin Forerunner35 4YR194919 Report
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 SM-T835 Report
iRobot Roomba 890 R890060 Report
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G M1810E5GG Report
Vivo iQooPro5G V1916A Report

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Nikkei Business: citation
Bloomberg: citation

2020 JANUARY: Teardown + BOM are integrated as one report
Volvo XC90 ActiveParkAssist Report
Cisco Router ISR4221 Report
Cisco Catalyst 2960X Switch WS-C2960X-24PS-L Report
Philips Hue Starter Kit A60 PY47915L Report
Apple Airpods Pro A2083 Report
HP Reverb Pro 7FU78PA#ABJ Rport
Google Pixel3 Report
Huawei Mate30 5G TAS-AN00 Report
Nokia 220 4G TA-1171 Report
Amazon Echo Spot VN94DQ Report
Royole Flexpai RY1201 Report

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech

HondaSensing SmartParkAssist Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor10 COL-L29 Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyWatch SM-R810 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi6 M1804C3DG Teardown + BOM
Samsung Gear IconX SM-R140 Rev1 Teardown + BOM
Sony Aibo2018 ERS-1000 Teardown + BOM
Microsoft SurfaceProLTE 1807 Teardown + BOM
Freestyle LibreSensor H77 Teardown + BOM
Canon Inspic PV-123 Teardown + BOM
Neato Botvac D3 Connected BV-D305 Teardown + BOM
LaRoche-Posay My Skin Track UV Teardown + BOM

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Wall Street Journal
UBS Securities: speech & financial report
SMBC Nikko Securities: speech & financial report
Published a book "Anatomy on Tesla Model S & Model 3" from the Nikkei BP

Oneplus Oneplus 6 A6000 Teardown + BOM
Teko Skype Phone XS2008CA Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer M1807E8S Teardown + BOM
Huawei P9Plus VIE-L29 Teardown + BOM
NetGear Nighthawk Router M1 MR1100 Teardown + BOM
Oppo Find X PAFM00 Teardown + BOM
B&O BeoSound Shape Speaker Teardown + BOM
Bragi TheDashPro B1002-01 Teardown + BOM
Jabra EliteActive65t OTE070 Teardown + BOM
Daikin Room Air Conditioner Indoor Unit F40WTRXP-W Teardown + BOM
Daikin F40WRXP Room Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Teardown + BOM
Apple iPad mini A2124 Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyNote10-5G SM-N971N Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyNote10+5G SM-N976N Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyFold5G SM-F907N Teardown + BOM

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech

Meizu_Meizu 16th Plus_M892Q Teardown + BOM
Nokia_Nokia6.1Plus_TA-1103 Teardown + BOM
Dyson_Eye360_RB01 Teardown + BOM
Yell Acoustic_Wings BE600 Teardown + BOM
Vuzix_Blade_447 Teardown + BOM
Nokia_Nokia6.1Plus_TA-1103 Teardown + BOM
Huawei_nova3_PAR-LX9 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi_Pocophone F1_M1805E10A Teardown + BOM
Nubia_RedMagic_NX609J Teardown + BOM
LG_V40ThinQ_LM-V405UA Teardown + BOM
Asus_RogPhone_AsusZ01QD Teardown + BOM
Apple_Airpods2_A2031 Teardown + BOM
Apple_iPod Touch_A2178 Teardown + BOM
Apple_iPhone11_A2221 Teardown + BOM
Apple_iPhone11Pro_A2215 Teardown + BOM
Apple_iPhone11ProMax_A2218 Teardown + BOM
Apple_Watch5_A2157 Teardown + BOM

Article on the Nikkei Electronics
Article on the Nikkei X-Tech
Nomura Securities: financial report

Vivo V9 vivo 1723 Teardown + BOM
Vivo X21UD vivo 1725 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi BlackShark SKR-H0 Teardown + BOM
HTC U12+ Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor Note10 RVL-AL09 Teardown + BOM
Sharp Aquos R2 706SH Teardown + BOM
Electrolux PUREi9 PI91-5SGM Teardown + BOM
Ring VideoDoorbellPro Teardown + BOM
Ring Spotlight Cam Wired Teardown + BOM
Sonos One S13 Smart Speaker Teardown + BOM
Huawei Mate 20X 5G EVR-N29 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Article on Nikkei Electronics
Article on Nikkei X-Tech
Published a book "Guideline for 5G Component, Material and Devices Design and Development" published by the Joho Kiko with co-authors

Canon EF70-200 F4L IS II USM Exchange Lens Teardown + BOM
LG isai Beat LGV34 Teardown + BOM
Huami Amazfit Verge A1811 Teardown + BOM
LG G7+ThinQ LMG710EAW Teardown + BOM
Western Digital WD121KRYZ Hybrid Storage Teardown + BOM
Kyocera KC-01 KC01MRV Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy Feel SC-04J Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-03J Teardown + BOM
Vivo NEX-A Teardown + BOM
Speedy Smart Wireless Charger Pad SPE-WCP01A Teardown + BOM
Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible EP-PG950 Teardown + BOM
iFLYTEK Easytrans600 Online Translator Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Nikkei Electronics article
Nikkei X-Tech article
UBS Securities primate seminar

2019 JULY
Samsung GalaxyS9+ SC-03K Teardown + BOM
Dyson V10 SV12 Vacuum Cleaner Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS9+ SCV39 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Mate10Pro BLA-L09 Teardown + BOM
Sharp AQUOS Sense SHV40 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi Go M1903C3GH Teardown + BOM
Huami Amazfit Stratos A1619 Teardown + BOM
Huami Amazfit Bip A1608 Teardown + BOM
Vivo X23 V1809A Teardown + BOM
Vasco Digipass275 One Time Passcode Token Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi5A MCG3B Teardown + BOM
Mercedes Benz mmW Radar A0009003212 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Nikkei Electronics article
Nikkei X-Tech article
Science & Technology seminar
Semicon West speech
SMBC Nikko Securities primate seminar

2019 JUNE
Huawei Mate20Pro LYA-L29 Teardown + BOM
Huawei P30Pro VOG-L29 Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977U Teardown + BOM
LG V50Thinq5G LM-V500N Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi RedmiNote5 M1803E7SG Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi MiMix2S M1803D5XA Teardown + BOM
Huawei Mate RS NEO-L29 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Mi8 M1803E1A Teardown + BOM
BMW 7 Series Remote Control Parking 66206997148 Teardown + BOM
Toyota Alphard Intelligent Park Asssist2 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Nikkei Electronics article
Nikkei X-Tech article
Nikkei Newspaper article
Mitsui Chemical primate seminar
Display China speech

2019 MAY
Motorola 5G MotoMods MD1005G Teardown + BOM
Huawei P20 EML-L29 Teardown + BOM
Huawei P20 Lite ANE-LX3 Teardown + BOM
Daimler Benz S-Class Remote Parking Assist A0009004513 Teardown + BOM
Sony XperiaXZ2 H8266 Teardown + BOM
Sony Xperia XA1 G3121 Teardown + BOM
Leadtek Amor H2 8Z36 Teardown + BOM
Motorola Moto X4 XT1900-2 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Y6 SCL-L02 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Y6 2017 MYA-L41 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Nikkei Electronics article
Nikkei X-Tech article
R&D Support Center seminar

2019 APRIL
Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970F Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G9730 Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy S10+ SM-G975F Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G SM-G977N Teardown + BOM
Vuzix SmartGlasses M300 Teardown + BOM
LG TC10AN3FUN6 Telematics Control Unit Teardown + BOM
Motorola MotoZPlay XT1635-02 Teardown + BOM
Sharp AquosRCompact SH-M06 Teardown + BOM
Oppo A37 Teardown + BOM
Casio G-Shock 5477 GWN-Q1000A-2AJF Teardown + BOM
Sanyo ChallengePad2 TAB-A03-BS Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
Nikkei Electronics article
Nikkei X-Tech article
Science & Technology seminar
Kawasaki Techno Research seminar
UBS Securities primate seminar

2019 MARCH
Denso TCU 86740-47150 Teardown + BOM
Apple Home Pod A1639 Teardown + BOM
Vivo Y53 Vivo1606 Teardown + BOM
Oukitel U18 Teardown + BOM
LineSpeaker ClovaFriends NL-S100JP Teardown + BOM
JustSystems SmileZemi SZJ-JS201 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi RedmiNote4 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi4A Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi4 Teardown + BOM
DJI Phantom3 Flying Unit Teardown
DJI Phantom3 Controller Teardown
Oppo R11s CPH1719 Teardown + BOM
Bitmain Antminer S9-13.5T Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2019/3/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2019/3/15: JP Morgan
2019/3/20: SMBC Nikko Securities
2019/3/20: TBS TV
2019/3/26: Nikkei X Tech

Earin M-1 Teardown + BOM
IO-Data HDL-AA1 Teardown + BOM
LG V30 LGM-V300L Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu ArrowsNX F-01K Teardown + BOM
Sharp Aquos Sense SH-01K Teardown + BOM
BOM Google Pixel2 G011A Teardown + BOM
Beddit Beddit3 Sleep Tracker F6FE3106AF15 Teardown + BOM
BAT GLO G003 Teardown + BOM
Motorola MotoE XT1023 Teardown + BOM
GM Cadillac HUD GM0031 Teardown + BOM
Oppo K1 PBCM30 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Mate20 HMA-L29 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor Magic 2 TNY-AL00 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2019/2/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2019/2/22: JEITA
2019/2/22: Nikkei X Tech

Apple iPad Pro, A1980 Teardown + BOM
Sound Sport Free, BL1L/BL1R Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-02B Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-03B Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-03D Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-05A Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu F-05C Teardown + BOM
Google Home Mini, H0A Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy A8, SM-A530N Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy J5, SM-J530S Teardown + BOM
Cohda Wireless MK5 V2X Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2019/1/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2019/1/21: Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
2019/1/22: SMBC Nikko Securities
2019/1/23: Taiyo Yuden
2019/1/25: Nikkei X Tech
2019/1/29: R&D Support Center


Aisin Inverter AFC-PCS-07 Teardown + BOM
Lenovo G570 Teardown + BOM
Tile Pro Sport T4002 (lost & found machine) Teardown + BOM
TrackR Pixel U16-C359 (lost & found machine) Teardown + BOM
Nissan Note ePower Cluster 24810-5WK0A Teardown + BOM
ZTE Falcon Z917 Teardown + BOM
Sony Xperia XZ1 G8342 Teardown + BOM
Google Pixel3 G013A Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyNote9 SM-N960N Teardown + BOM
LG-OptimusChat L-04C Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/12/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/12/4: Nikkei X Tech
2018/12/4-5: Rohm Semiconductor
2018/12/11: TV Asahi
2018/12/13: S&T Publishing
2018/12/14: Bloomberg
2018/12/14: BS-TBS
2018/12/21: Nikkei X Tech

Apple iPhoneX A1901 (Intel chipset) Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhoneXr A2106 Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhoneXs EU A2097 (Europe version) Teardown + BOM
Sony WF-1000X Wireless Headphone Teardown + BOM
Zebra TC700K Handheld Computer Teardown + BOM
Ulefone Armor2 Teardown + BOM
Samsung QLED UHD Monitor Teardown + BOM
Huawei Mate10 Teardown + BOM
NEC Aterm WG1900HP (router) Teardown + BOM
Tile Mate (lost & found machine) Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/11/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/11/8: Nikkei X Tech
2018/11/10: Toyo Keizai Weekly
2018/11/15: JP Morgan
2018/11/19: UBS Securities
2018/11/19: Nikkei X Tech
2018/11/22: Nikkei X Tech
2018/11/26-30: SMBC Nikko Securities

Apple iPhoneXs A2098 Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhoneXsMax A2102 Teardown + BOM
Apple Watch 4 A2008 Teardown + BOM
LG WatchSport LG-W280A Teardown + BOM
Toshiba AG.ECS Unit GI Teardown + BOM
Ulefone Power2 Teardown + BOM
Axis Network Camera P1427-LE Teardown + BOM
Motorola Moto XT1056X BOM (teardown completed in the past)
Nest LearningThermostat A0013 Teardown + BOM
DJI Inspire1 T600 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/10/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/10/4-5: SMBC Nikko Securities
2018/10/10: Nikkei X Tech
2018/10/15: Japan Techno Center
2018/10/16: Nikkei X Tech
2018/10/16: Taiyo Ink Manufacturing
2018/10/19: Mizuho Securities
2018/10/29: Nomura Securities

RSA SecurID Select Teardown + BOM
Sony PS4 Pro CUH-7000B Teardown + BOM
TomTom Bandit 4LB00 Teardown + BOM
Hisense Pulse GX1200V Teardown + BOM
Sharp AquosU SHV37 Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu ArrowsNX F-01J Teardown + BOM
Sony XperiaXZ SOV34 Teardown + BOM
Sharp Serie mini SHV38 Teardown + BOM
Oppo R15 CPH1835 Teardown + BOM
Apple iPad 6th-gen A1954 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/9/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/9/4: Semicon Taiwan, Smart Automotive Summit (speech)
2018/9/12: Nikkei X Tech
2018/9/14: Nikkei Manufacturing Partnership Forum
2018/9/21: JEITA

Amazon Echo Look PL67WR Teardown + BOM
BMW TCU Peiker LP1294 Teardown + BOM
Alcatel A5 Led Teardown + BOM
Alcatel Idol4 6055B Teardown + BOM
Alcatel Pop4 5051J Teardown + BOM
Alcatel U3 4055J Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi5 MDG1 Teardown + BOM
Oculus OculusGo MH-A32 Teardown + BOM
Huawei P10Plus VKY-L29 Teardown + BOM
Lava P7 Teardown + BOM
Unex OBU-201E Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/8/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/8/7: Bloomberg article by Masahiro Wakasugi
2018/8/22: Nikkei X Tech
2018/8/23: Kawasaki Techno Research Seminar
2018/8/30: Nikkei BP Seminar
2018/8/30: Nikkei X Tech

Canon Maxify MB5430 Teardown + BOM
Microsoft HoloLens 1688 Teardown + BOM
Lava X11 Teardown + BOM
Canon Satera MF735Cdw Teardown + BOM
RSA SecurID SD600 Teardown + BOM
Apple TV3rdA A1469 Teardown + BOM
Apple TV 4th A1625 Teardown + BOM
Mazda Demio Connectivity Unit Teardown + BOM
Benz E-Class 2017 ADAS Teardown + BOM
Alcatel Pixi4 5045J Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/7/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/7/6: UBS Securities
2018/7/10: Nikkei X Tech
2018/7/10: Semicon West (speech)
2018/7/13: Silicon Valley Innovation Forum (speech)
2018/7/25: Nikkei X Tech

Volvo Continental SRL1 Teardown + BOM
Nissan Serena ProPilot ADAS Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Mi Mix Teardown + BOM
Gionee M2017 Teardown + BOM
Huawei G9 Lite VNS AL00 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro Teardown + BOM
JT PloomTech Tobacco Disposable Cartridge Teardown + BOM
RSA SecureID SID700 Teardown + BOM
Huawei P20Pro CLT L29 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/6/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/6/1: Nikkei X Tech
2018/6/5: SMBC Nikko Securities
2018/6/8: Kawasaki Techno Research Seminar
2018/6/11: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/6/14: Nikkei X Tech
2018/6/21: Nomura Securities
2018/6/29: Nikkei X Tech

Panasonic RoomMirror CX SNM6X0AJ Teardown + BOM
Infinity TCU GEN2 3G UCM Teardown + BOM
Huawei HonorNote8 EDI AL10 Teardown + BOM
LG GPad8.0 LG V480 Teardown + BOM
LG GPad8.3 LGV500 Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhone4 A1332 BOM
BBK VivoX20PlusUD Teardown + BOM
Fitbit Blaze FB502SBKS Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech
2018/5/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/5/9: Nikkei X Tech
2018/5/11: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/5/25: Nikkei X Tech

Samsung GalaxyS9 SM-G960F Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS9 SM-G9600 Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS9Plus SM-G9650 Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS9Plus SM-G965F Teardown + BOM
RBC DownLight LE-D1-7A Rev1 Teardown + BOM
WD BlackPCIeSSD WDS512G1X0C Teardown + BOM
Rowkin Rowkin-Bit-Stereo Teardown + BOM
Samsung SSD960EVO MZ-V6E500 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2018/4/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/4/3: Nihon Techno Center Seminar
2018/4/4: Nikkei X Tech
2018/4/13: Sumitomo Electric
2018/4/13: Nikkei X Tech
2018/4/16: SMBC Nikko Securities
2018/4/18-20: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/4/24: Nikkei BP Seminar
2018/4/27: Nikkei X Tech

LAVA IrisX1Selfie Teardown + BOM
Amazon EchoDot2 RS03QR Teardown + BOM
Intex AquaLions4G Teardown + BOM
Micromax CanvasUnite4Pro Q465 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor6X BLN-L24 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor5X KIW-UL00 Teardown + BOM
PhillipMorris iQOS2.4Plus A1503-A1403 Teardown + BOM
SMOK OsubPlusKit Teardown + BOM
Bragi TheDash B1000-0001 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2018/3/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/3/6: Nikkei X Tech
2018/3/12: Nikkei X Tech
2018/3/16: Nikkei X Tech
2018/3/23: Osaka Prefectural Manufacturing & Industrial Association Seminar
2018/3/27: Nikkei "Nissan Leaf Teardown Comprehensive Version"

Bose QuietControl30 AP1 Teardown + BOM
Rotork IQT Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyA5 SM-A520K Teardown + BOM
Oppo R9sPlus CPH1611 Teardown + BOM
AirTightSuitBattery LI-ProI Teardown + BOM
LAVA ARC101 Teardown + BOM
Delphi ToF Teardown + BOM
Intex Killer+ Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2018/2/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/2/5: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/2/1-6 & 9: Nikkei Electronics Nissan Leaf Tour in Okinawa
2018/2/16: Nikkei X Tech
2018/2/23: Nikkei X Tech

HTC U-Ultra 2PZF200U-1u Teardown + BOM
Huawei Maimang 5 MLA-AL10 Teardown + BOM
Oppo F1 Selfie Expert F1f Teardown + BOM
Koizumi DownLight 41515279 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Mi5S 2015711
Huawei Mate9Pro LON-L29 Teardown + BOM
Furuno Acera1010 WN-1010 Teardown + BOM
Vivo Y51A Teardown + BOM
Oppo A59m Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2018/1/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2018/1/17: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/1/22: Morgan Stanley MUFJ Securities
2018/1/24: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/1/25: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/1/25: R&D Support Center Seminar

Amazon DashButton JK29LP Teardown + BOM
Epson Moverio BT-300 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor 5C NEM-L22 Teardown + BOM
Polar M600 1V Teardown + BOM
Huawei Y5 II CUN-U29 Teardown + BOM
Suunto Traverse OW151 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi Amazfit A1602 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Honor 5A CAM-UL00 Teardown + BOM
Meizu M3X M682Q Teardown + BOM
Oppo R9s Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/12/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/12/7-8: SMBC Nikko Securities
2017/12/11: IT Media
2017/12/13: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/12/20: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/12/22: Rohm Semiconductor

Apple iPhoneX A1902 Teardown + BOM
Apple AirPods A1523 Teardown + BOM
Vivo Xplay6 Teardown + BOM
Huawei HonorMagic NTS-AL00 Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu ArrowsSV F-03H Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyA7 SM-A700YD Teardown + BOM
Samsung Galaxy A5 SM-A5100 Teardown + BOM
Canon PowerShot SX100IS Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyA3 SM-A300FU Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhone8 Intel A1905 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/11/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/11/6: Nomura Securities
2017/11/7: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/11/14-16: Productronica (courtesy of the Tanaka Precious Metals)
2017/11/15: IT Media
2017/11/17: IT Media
2017/11/22: The Nikkei Newspaper
2017/11/24: UBS Securities
2017/11/27: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/11/27: UBS Securities
2017/11/29: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

Apple iPhone8 A1906 Teardown + BOM
Apple iPhone8+ A1898 Teardown + BOM
Apple Watch Series3 A1891 Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyNote8 SM-N950U Teardown + BOM
Denso Prius TCU 86740-47150 Teardown + BOM
Toyota SafetySense P Teardown + BOM
Toyota SafetySense C Teardown + BOM
DJI MavicPro M1P Teardown + BOM
Huawei honorV8 KNT-UL10 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/10/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/10/5-6: SMBC Nikko Securities
2017/10/10-11: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/10/10: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/10/11: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/10/12: Nikkei Technology Online
2018/10/19-20: Zuken Innovation World
2018/10/23: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2018/10/27: Nikkei BP Seminar

Fujitsu ArrowsBe F-05J Teardown + BOM
Fujitsu ArrowsM04 Teardown + BOM
Sharp AquosR SH-03J Teardown + BOM
Bose SoundLinkMini2 41691 Teardown + BOM
Beats Pill+ A1680 Teardown + BOM
Alcatel OneTouchGoWatch SM03 Teardown + BOM
QiKU Terra 8692-I02 Teardown + BOM
Jabra EliteSport OTE050 Teardown + BOM
Cypress CYALKIT-E03 Teardown + BOM
EnOcean PTM210J Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/9/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/9/5: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/9/15: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/9/20: CMC Research Seminar

Samsung GearS3 SM-R770 Teardown + BOM
Huawei Watch2 LE0-BX9 Teardown + BOM
Gentex FullDisplayMirror ADVGENFDMHL1 Teardown + BOM
Sony XperiaXZPremium SO-04J Teardown + BOM
Sharp Aquos SH-01J Teardown + BOM
Panasonic P-smart P-01J Teardown + BOM
Sphero StarWarsBB-8 R001WC Teardown + BOM
Microsoft SurfaceDial 1756 Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/8/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/8/3: Nikkei BP Seminar
2017/8/8: Science & Technology Seminar
2017/8/15: Yuanta Securities
2017/8/17: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/8/30: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/8/31: Nihon Techno Center Seminar


Gionee F100 Teardown + BOM
Xiaomi RedmiPro Teardown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS8+ SCV35 Teardown + BOM
Huawei P10 VTR-AL00 Teardown + BOM
Lenovo Phab2Pro PB2-690M Teardown + BOM
BOM LG G6 H872 Teardown + BOM
Omron CaloriScan HJA-403C Teardown + BOM
Omron BasalThermometer MC-652LC-PK Teardown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/7/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/7/3: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/7/5: UBS Securities
2017/7/18: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/7/24: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/7/27: R&D Support Center

IO-Data ZHD2-UTX2 Teadown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS8+ SM-G955F Teadown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS8 SM-G950U Teadown + BOM
Freetel Samurai Teadown + BOM
Samsung GalaxyJ3 SM-J320F Teadown + BOM
Freetel Musashi Teadown + BOM
DJI Phantom4 WM330A Teadown + BOM
Gionee GN9011 Teadown + BOM
Wuxi ElectronicShelfLabe Teadown + BOMl
Garmin ForeAthlete230J Teadown + BOM
Omron KaradaScan254C HBF-254C-R Teadown + BOM
Omron HEM-7281T Teadown + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/6/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/6/5: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/6/12: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/6/16: Rohm Semiconductor
2017/6/19: Nikkei Technology Online


Motorola TC55AH + BOM
Huawei HW-01H + BOM
Apple iPhone3G A1241 + BOM
HTC Desire530u + BOM
Sharp SHF32 + BOM
Amazon FireTVStick + BOM
Samsung GalaxyNote7 SM-N9300 + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS8 SM-G950N + BOM
Samsung GalaxyS8+ SM-G955U + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/5/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/5/12: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/5/22: Nikkei Technology Online
20175/23: Mizuho Securities
2017/5/24: SMBC Nikko Securities
2017/5/25: SMBC Nikko Securities
2017/5/26: Nikkei BP Seminar


Sonim XP7700 + BOM
Sonim XP6700 + BOM
Google Chromecast2 + BOM
Micromax Canvas6 E485 + BOM
Intex AquaShine4G + BOM
Xiaomi RedmiNote3Pro + BOM
Meizu M1Note M463U + BOM
Panasonic TouchPad JT-B1APAAABJ + BOM
Teardwon Vivo V1 + BOM
Fitbit ChargeHR FB405 + BOM
Google Home + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/4/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/4/10: CMC Research
2017/4/10: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/4/17: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/4/21: Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
2017/4/25: Citigroup Securities

Xiaomi Mi5 + BOM
Asus ZenfoneMax ZC550KL + BOM
Huawei Honor5C NEM-TL00H + BOM
Motorola MotoG Gen3 XT1541 + BOM
ZTE BladeS + BOM
Lenovo A396 + BOM
Vivo X7 + BOM
Vivo X6 PlusA + BOM
Xiaomi Mi4C + BOM
Amazon Echo + BOM
Nintendo Switch HAC-001 Gaming Console + BOM
Subaru Eyesight Version 2 BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/3/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/3/3: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/3/10: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/3/16: Citigroup Securities
2017/3/17: Rohm (Kyoto HQ)
2017/3/17: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/3/29: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/3/31: Taiyo Yuden (Global Center)
2017/3/31: Nikkei Newspaper Digital.

OnePlus OnePlus3 + BOM
LG V10 LG-H901 + BOM
Vivo X6PlusD + BOM
LeTV LeMax2 LeX820 + BOM
Canon EOSkiss-X8i + BOM
Sony SRSHG1 Wireless Speaker + BOM
Blaclberry Passport + BOM
Huawei Ascend G620S + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/2/1: Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2017/2/2: Japan Association of Surveyors
2017/2/3: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/2/7: Rohm Silicon Valley Office
2017/2/8: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/2/13: Sumitomo Electric Industries (Osaka)
2017/2/14: Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions (Kyoto)
2017/2/17: Nikkei Technology Online

Microsoft SurfacePro4 + BOM
Microsoft SurfaceBook + BOM
Microsoft SurfacePro3 + BOM
Zolt LaptopChargerPlus + BOM
Siam X7 + BOM
Meizu MX5 + BOM
Subaru EyeSight Version 1 Camera PCS + BOM
Subaru RearRadarUnit + BOM
Subaru Eyesight Version 2 + BOM
Apple iPhoneSE A1662 + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2017/1/13: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/1/16: Daiwa Securities
2017/1/17: Morgan Stanley MUFJ Securities
2017/1/19: Mizuho Securities
2017/1/20: Nikkei Technology Online
2017/1/24: S&T Publishing automotive seminar

Google Pixel G-2PW4100 + BOM
Microsoft XboxOneS 1681 Set Top Box + BOM
Microsoft XboxOneS 1681 Controller + BOM
Denso Lexus GS250 Telematics Control Unit + BOM
Denso Lexus GS350 Telematics Control Unit + BOM
Acura Telematics Control Unit + BOM
Continental GN0V1N-DFL Telematics Control Unit + BOM
LG IsaiVivid LGV32 + BOM
LG Fx0 LGL25 + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/12/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2016/12/5: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/12/7: Tanaka Precious Metal
2016/12/9: Sumitomo Electric Industries
2016/12/13: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/12/19: Nikkei Technology Online

Toyota Inverter 5342000 for electronic vehicle + BOM
Inpower ipMC3336 for electronic vehicle + BOM
IntexTech CloudStringHD + BOM
Xiaomi RedmiNote3 + BOM
Nintendo PokemonGoPlus PMC001 + BOM
Gentex GNTX-957 intelligent mirror + BOM
Sony HDR-AS50R action camera + BOM
Huawei P8max + BOM
Miroir MP30 projector + BOM
Softbank SoftBankAir2 small cell + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/11/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2016/11/1: Rohm Co., Ltd.
2016/11/2: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/11/4: Daiwa Securities
2016/11/14: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/11/17: SMBC Nikko Securities
2016/11/21: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/11/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/11/28: SMBC Nikko Securities
2016/11/29: SMBC Nikko Securities

TagHeuer Connected + BOM
Apple Watch2 A1758 + BOM
Apple iPhone7 A1778 AT&T version + BOM
Sony LSPX-P1 Projector + BOM
Phillip iQOS e-cigarette + BOM
JT PloomTech e-cigarette + BOM
Fujitsu ArrowsNX F-04G + BOM
Vivo XPlay5 + BOM
Garmin VivoActiveJ + BOM
Sony PlayStationVR + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/10/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2016/10/6: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/10/12: The Wall Street Journal
2016/10/17: Nikkei Technology Online
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2016/10/18: Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
2016/10/18: SMBC Nikko Securities
2016/10/18: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2016/10/19: SMBC Nikko Securities
2016/10/19: Citigroup Securities
2016/10/20: SMBC Nikko Securities
2016/10/21: UBS Securities
2016/10/25: Samsung R&D Institute Japan

Lexus HUD 83108-48070-J + BOM
BMW HUD 6230-9 + BOM
Huawei P9 + BOM
Sharp Robohon SR01MW + BOM
Xiaomi Redmi3S + BOM
Fitbit Alta FB406 + BOM
Apple iPhone7 A1779 + BOM
Apple iPhone7Plus A1785 + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/9/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2015/9/5: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2016/9/6: Rohm Co., Ltd.
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2015/9/26: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2016/9/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2015/9/28: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2015/9/29: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2016/8/30: Sumitomo Electric Industries

OnePlus OnePlus2 BOM
LG Nexus5X + BOM
Sony XperiaZ5 BOM
LG G3Beat + BOM
Omron R7D-BP02L + BOM
Escon ServoController + BOM
Eizo FlexScan T2381W + BOM
Sony SOV33 Experia X Performance + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/8/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2016/8/9: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/8/25: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/8/31: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/8/31: NIkkei BP seminar

Panasonic BN-SDPAP3 + BOM
Fujitsu Wandant2 + BOM
HTC Vive + BOM
Meizu Pro6 M570Q + BOM
Preh 4M0919615D + BOM
BkavBPhone BOM
Xiaomi MiNotePro BOM
Lenovo K920 BOM
Meizu MX4 BOM
Apple iPadMini4 A1550 BOM
Xiaomi RedmiNote2 BOM
Bosch AudiFPKGen1 LCD cluster + BOM

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/7/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/7/21: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/7/11: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/7/11: Morgan Stanley MUFG securities private seminar
2016/7/11: SMBC Nikko Securities private seminar
2016/7/6: Taiyo Yuden private seminar
2016/7/4: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/7/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine

Elecom WRC2533GHBKI + BOM
Kyocera HydroWave C6740N + BOM
BLU LifePlay L100i + BOM
BLU Studi06HD D650i + BOM
BLU Dash55 D470L + BOM
BLU VivoAirLte V0000UU + BOM
Apple iPhoneSE A1662
BOM ASUS VivoWatch

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/6/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/6/24: UBS Securities
2016/6/20: TDK private seminar
2016/6/20: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/6/13: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/6/2: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/6/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine

Kazam LifeR5
BOM Kazam LifeR5
ASUS ZenfoneSelfie
BOM ASUS ZenfoneSelfie
Oculus Rift DK2
BOM Oculus Rift DK2 Rev2
Nokia Lumia950XL
BOM Nokia Lumia950XL
Nescafe PM9631
Doov L5Pro
BOM Doov L5Pro
Samsung SUHDTV
Casio JY-L01
BOM Casio JY-L01
BOM Samsung GearS2 SM-R730S

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/5/31: Nikkei BP Seminar
2016/5/26: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/5/12: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/5/4: UBS Securities
2016/5/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935T) teardown + BOM.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935V) teardown + BOM.
Samsung GalaxyS7 (SM-G930F) teardown + BOM.
Samsung GalaxyS7 (SM-G930FD) teardown + BOM.
Samsung GalaxyS7 (SM-G930V) teardown + BOM.
Apple iPhone SE (A1723) teardown + BOM.
Lava Pixel V1 teardown + BOM.
Chuwi EIA-10 Plus (tablet) teardwon + BOM.
Samsung Gear VR BOM.

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/4/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/4/20: IT Media
2016/4/21: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/4/18: Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities
2016/4/13: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/4/12-14: Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities
2016/4/6: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/4/5: Nomura Securities
2016/4/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine

LG G Flex (LGL23) BOM.
ZTE Whirl 2 BOM.
Vivo X5 Max BOM.
Sony PlayStaiton4 Controller BOM.
Sony PlayStation4 Set Top Box BOM.
Coolpad Smart 4 Power BOM.
LeTV One Max X900 BOM.
Microsoft Band 2 teardown + BOM.
Iota GPS Pet Tracker teardown + BOM.
ZTE Axon Mini teardown + BOM.
Huawei Nexus 6P teardown + BOM.

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/3/28: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/3/24: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/3/14: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/3/14: Citigroup Securities
2016/3/3: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/3/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine

Huawei Mate 8 teardown + BOM.
JINS MEM (smart glass) teardown + BOM.
BacTrack Vio Breath Analyzer teardown.
Asus Vivo Watch teardown.
Samsung Gear S2 teardown.
Bkav BPhone teardown.
ASUS ZenWatch teardown.
Xiaomi RedmiNote2 teardown.
OPPO R7Plus teardown.
OPPO R7G teardown.
Xiaomi MiNotePro teardown.
Rearview MirrorCar DVR teardown.
Samsung GearVR teardown.

On Media/Citation/Speech:
2016/2/25: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/2/17: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/2/10: Nikkei Technology Online
2016/2/1: The Nikkei Electronics Magazine
2016/2/1: The Nikkei Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Magazine

Apple iPad Pro teardown.
Applei Pad Mini4 teardown.
Applei Pad Pro US Model teardown.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SC-01G, Japan version) teardown..
LG G Flex (LGLGL23) teardown.
Sony Xperia Z5 teardown.
NEC WX02 (data terminal) teardown + BOM.
OnePlus A2001 teardown.
Samsung Galaxy A8 teardown.
Meizu MX4 teardown.
Lenovo K920 teardown.
ZTE Whirl2 teardown.
iHealth Edge (wearable) teardown.
iHealth BP5 (blood pressure monitor) teardown.

On Media/Citation/Speech:
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2016/1/18: Daiwa Securities.Fomalhaut - Service & Fees
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